Review for Harry after the end

Harry after the end

(#) Cateagle 2008-04-07

Heh, nice one-shot and I could see Harry dropping out of the wizarding world just like that. I loved the way Hermione made it clear to Ron that she didn't care for his fits of jealousy any more, if she ever did.

I agree that being head purchaser is tame in comparison with fighting Dark Wizards, but the negotiating can be every bit as much a battle as any physical battle (I've sat in on contract re-negotiations after I've had to point out some severe limitations in the original version - it can be a brutal and taxing battle).

Author's response

I am glad you pointed out the head purchaser is more than a fluff position, I think Learning that position would occupy her until her focus shifted to nesting and insuring her children surpassed her accomplishments in school. I just think as a muggle born witch her options would be limited and she would focus on her children.