Review for I Will Be With You

I Will Be With You

(#) xXi_luv_gerardXx 2008-04-08

Wow. You know what's scary, this is something I'd totally do. I had imaginary friends all the time just like that. I grew out of it now, but I remember a few years ago I seriously used to do that, so this story I could really relate to and it was beautiful. I was crying. THANKS A LOT U MADE ME CRY! T.T this story is amazing. im inspired now.

Author's response

Cool. I don't really think that's scary at all.
It's almost nice to have that sort of comfort only an imaginary friend can provide.

I'm happy you could relate to it.
It's part of what I was hoping for.

Crying is the emotion I wanted.
As much as it hurt you to,
I guess you felt emotionally connected to it.
Which is an amazing feeling.
Which I hope you felt.

Inspirational? Thank you.