Review for The Return of the Boy Who Lived

The Return of the Boy Who Lived

(#) Cateagle 2008-04-08

Ah, you're already presenting another delightful chapter for us. You know you're spoiling everyone. In any case, I do like the approach Neville's taking in monitoring Dumbles' office and I wonder how long, if ever, it'll take Dumbles to find the charm. Now, having done that, I really love and appreciate the way Neville's being up front with Harry and Hermione and I suspect this is going to have some interesting ripple effects as time goes by. Meanwhile, I hope Snape's got an up-to-date will 'cause I ssupect he's going to have an "unfortunate demise" before too long, either due to the troll or a more agressive Fluffy.

Author's response

I honestly don't know if Snape's will is up to date or not, besides, who would he leave his hair care products to? GRIN

And, yes, there will be quite a few ripples in the water going forward. I almost (almost) feel sorry for Lockhart GRIN