Review for The Return of the Boy Who Lived

The Return of the Boy Who Lived

(#) daled73 2008-04-09

"The only thing is, you can't take anything the room creates outside of the room itself.”

That means, I take it, that when you leave the room, that nice pumpkin juice or water you drank disappears from your stomach, bloodstream, or bladder, wherever it has reached by now? Couldn't that REALLY mess with your blood chemistry and put you in the hospital wing, especially if you were low on electrolytes from sweating while practicing dueling, etc?

Not that I think it's a BIG point, but I don't like to see plot holes in such a good story.

And it IS excellent.


Author's response

Probably should have clarified that; what Neville was talking about, was things like books that that room created can be read there, but if you tried to take the book outside the room it would disappear.

Thanks for your feedback, and I'm glad you're enjoying this story.