Review for Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

(#) wesley 2008-04-09

I like this at first I wasn’t sure I would, but I do. I like the whole reverse of male and female roles. But I don’t think you have used it enough, or described. showed it well; Harry doesn’t interact with others enough. At least we don’t get to see it.

Also I am rather disappointed that, of all the girls and how aggressive they are, and how Harry is supposed to be male and just as aggressive he hasn’t done anything with any of the girls. He is just as reserved as the rest of the typical males of that dimension. It’s boring. Yes Luna is a great character and she is not completely twisted in this, but why dump Harry in the situation with aggressive females if you aren’t going to use it? it’s great if you want to put Harry with Luna but I think you did it to soon and all.

You keep having Harry blow the AU girls off (when you actually even tell about it) by saying they remind him of their male versions. That’s just wrong that they actually look like male versions of themselves. Let them be physically different. Let them be mentally different. You have taken deviations with Harry and his “sister’s” personalities and whatnot but haven’t allowed the same for the other character, and it makes Harry seem no different from the AU males.

Then there is the total missing interaction with Harriet and Harry. Harriet and Harry both want family so much then when they get their wish, what do they do? Separate themselves from each other, and don’t interact. Ridicules!

The names of people are also rather disappointing. This is my opinion mind you, but… I think it would have been a lot better if you had used actual female names for your AU females instead of using feminized versions of the HP cannon males. The AU guys seem to get new names though not all of them. I am sure you did it to keep things straight but I think you would have been better off using last names and school year to identify who was the alternant of whom. I find your version to be a bit confusing.

Anyway with all that I know it probably seems I am knocking on your story but, I do like it I just think it could be better. You did after all post all this stuff about sexual encounters and so far, there haven’t been any.

Not that it needs to consist of only that. It’s just that there seems to be pieces needed to sort of balance the story and make it more… I am not sure what the word is. Real, engaging maybe?

I liked the super speed up; I didn’t like that Harry quit pummeling the dumb-ass Defense Professor so quickly. She should have been worked around a little more.

Anyway, I like the story I hope you continue, and a new chapter is out soon.