Review for This Was No Accident.

This Was No Accident.

(#) mooniexmisfit 2008-04-09

yea northern downpour is where i got it from =)i still can't update til next week, i'm on my dad's work laptop as awe speak so, it's for homework strictly haha. i'm on aim tho, so shhh.
MADE IS COMING TO OUR SCHOOL. i wanna be a ballerina, don't laugh cause i'll totally give you a shout out. haha, if i make it.

Author's response

Yesyesyesyes. Gives me a shout out!
A ballerina, eh? I could never do that. AT ALL. I'm physically uncoordinated. And I've tried dance before. Not for me. =/
You would totally make it. You're awesome. ^_^