Review for I Want Out

I Want Out

(#) hp_legend 2008-04-10

I love the Harry/bella ship, I hope this fic turnes out as good as i am hoping for!!!

I liked the first chapter, it's a good introduction, but don't you think even stupid retarded old crabb would think of tring his victim up before he attempted to rape her? I dunno, I suppose it fits in with her escape.

In your summery you say "post seventh..." does this mean it's set after the seventh book or after Harry's seventh year which turned out differently then JKR's.

Also, is it the formating's funny, or is there suppost to be a huge gap between each line of text. It makes te story slightly less easy to read, or thats what i've found.

Anyway, please continue writing as I enjoyed it overall, hope the next few chapters are just as good.