Review for No One Remembers

No One Remembers

(#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-04-10

Omg that was awesome!
I loved how you put Bert in it and made it so realistic.
But goddammit i want to know more! Even though i know it's a one-shot..
Anyways,i'm glad you actually made a gerard way one-shot for his birthday. :]


P.S I went to the Aiden gig last night,it was freakin' awesome!
Unfortunatly,he didn't sing happy b'day for Gerard but he did do an amazing acoustic cover of The Smith's 'There is a light that never goes out'.And as Aiden gigs go,it was crazy! ^^ Went in a wall of death for We Sleep Forever and got pushed over (accidental) but tbh i didn't really give a fuck! x]
Just thought i'd tell you :)

Author's response

Thanks. =P

Oh and that is fuckin awesome. I love The Smiths. Not my favorite band, but definately amazing. I wish I was there. Oh and I remember when I went to see Bullet For My Valentine and we got into a wall of death. It was fucking awesome!

Thanks again for reading this!