Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) Cateagle 2008-04-18

Well, that was quite a chapter and quite worth the wait. I think Harry's learning the limits his wives are setting include "No going it alone" and I suspect that one will take a while to internalize given his usual proclivities. I thought the meeting at the Longbottom's was quite interesting and I look forward to seeing what eventuates from it.

Snape's interview with Amelia was quite illuminating and amusing, as was the brief comment on his exercise time (I see some traits carry over 'tween muggle and wizarding prisons, those who go after children are not highly regarded either place). Methinks Snivellus should make whatever deal he can, now.

The fight 'tween Neville and Harry was rather illuminating and mildly amusing as Neville inadvertently caused more pain with laughter.

Heh, looking at what happened with the two Weasleys, I think Tom's really having a bad time of it, even the simplest things aren't working out for him and it seems that the "combat programming" both Weasleys" got in working with Harry overrode any other conditioning. Sucks to find that out experimentally, doesn't it, Yaxley?

I am looking forward to seeing how both Dumbles and Harry respond to that incident in St. Mungo's.

Author's response

- This chapter has garnered quite a bit of interest

- Of course his deal will be a choice of life in Azkaban or 99 years in Azkaban...

- Face it, Tom has never recruited from the deep end of the genepool...