Review for The Acts Of Betrayal

The Acts Of Betrayal

(#) Teresa 2008-04-18

Man oh day, what a chapter! I liked seeing how Amelia explained the facts of life to Snape.....though after what Filius and his new roomates had done to him he should have been ready to tell all without hesitation. As Amelia said, even if he should walk there are a lot of angry families out there; plus people like Filius who feel that stomping on rapists is the thing to do. Also, hearing about the dedication the Auror corps was showing currently was great, you just have to admire that kind of thing! (snicker) No doubt Amelia's hypothetical talks were both instructive and enlightening, something like a review of what spells each person knew. As for the incident with the Weasley rapists.....well, Yaxley was screwed either way. I wonder what Voldy and Dumbles will think when they hear the news? It looks as though Harry and Neville have learned to stick with the fights they know they can win, and not start something with their significant other(s). THe workout between Harry and Neville was great, as was the get together with Neville's family. As always, thanks for the chapter, and I look forward to the next !