Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) Teresa 2008-04-19

Thanks for the chspter Dr T! Sighs....honestly, if Lucius and Draco are representative of the Malfoy line I don't hold out much hope for the triplets! They might be an improvement on Draco, but not by much. As for Crouch junior he should have packed it in the second his little test didn't work! Harry really did a good job of showing his innocense about the whole contest matter. That's one thing that puzzled me in canon, every year someone was out to kill him and/or his friends, and no one thought that the goblet buisness wasn't fishy? He's hoping that the collaboration between Luna and Hermione leads to good news soon! All of those plots and counterplots may trip over each other very soon, and I wonder who'll be caught in the mess? Here's hoping that Snape is one of them, and that Ravenclaw's spies end up as another!