Review for Tilt the Glint and Wish, Doll

Tilt the Glint and Wish, Doll

(#) Cateagle 2008-04-20

Yess, I can see where it leaves plenty open. Would it be this Hermione transferring into the other, more active one, or that one seeking a bit of respite, moving into this one, or a blending of the two to make them both more effective, or at least potentially more effective? Lots of possibilities there.

Author's response

I agree. ^-^ I'm more likely to go with Hermione being transferred to Other-Hermione. I'm not sure, though, and I'm bogged down as it is. Dammit. Maybe I should stop taking requests for a while. I've got fics to write for you, ty soglasna, Itachi, Pyric, Joji Sada, Insomnia, Holyfant, Lyanvis, MitsukoHyuuga, and a few others on top of trying to write the next chapter of TAATYDU and study for my finals. Ack. I really need to get the ones I've got out - so, yeah, no more requests for a while. That should help.