Review for A Single Red Rose

A Single Red Rose

(#) fallloutofgrace 2008-04-20

me thinks that this is quite the interesting story! :D me luffz it! i stealing your comment virginity? ~smirk~ XD yes, i know i have problems. no need to rub them in...~laughs~

i think that this could be quite the enthralling story...but i'll never know until you update...~wink wink~ ~nudge nudge~ lolz but really man, no pressure, i'd happily wait for this story...i have a ~cough~unhealthy~cough~ obsession with vampire fics...and you can really never find too many ones that hold my interest...~cough~marysue~cough~ meehee! so congrats on that! yayness! um...yeah...i'll shut up before i start to annoy you more...~waves~ i'm awaiting your next update...