Review for Mama, I'm Scared

Mama, I'm Scared

(#) fallloutofgrace 2008-04-20

wow man...just. wow. that was...heartfelt; i'm in tears. thanks man. now my parents are all gonna be like WTF is wrong with you...and i'm all like WTF isn't wrong with me?!? XD but really. that is just so...gah. damn my lack of vocabulary. (sad thing is that english is my first language...oh well...~sigh~)

i'm seriously in awe at the amount of emotion that you portrayed through your words. its quite amazing if i do say so.

i really like the fact that you showed how gerard and mikey are really only human; that they aren't some "super-beings" who dont feel pain or anything...

shall i state the obvious by saying that gerard was writing the lyrics to "Helena"?

right, so i'll shut up now, but i wanna thank you for this beautiful work of art set in writing that you had put up.