Review for To Call It Home

To Call It Home

(#) scarlet_pervygirl 2006-08-03

Sorry, sorry, I know I already reviewed one of your stories today, and I'm trying not to love hearing myself talk.

Thank GOD you wrote this. I discovered the Ichabod/Hessian pairing about a week ago and found the idea intriguing and the execution of all the fics I could find on it to be unbearably BAD.

Again, though, you've made a story that's both incisive and enveloping. This pairing and this universe doesn't do well with realism or grit, the way, say, Pirates of the Caribbean does. You approached this with a delicate touch, and it shows in the carefulness and fluidity of the writing and the success or the story and the pairing. You've very much captured the ambience of the movie--stark and lovely images forming from and receding into cold and fog. I don't get to say often that something the author terms "melodrama" is lovely, but, seriously, well done. Thanks again.

Author's response

Ah, thank you! I really enjoyed the way Ichabod's POV influenced the language for this piece -- he encouraged a really distinct voice, not quite like anyone else I've written, and it was a lot of fun to do. ^^