Review for Tilt the Glint and Wish, Doll

Tilt the Glint and Wish, Doll

(#) Saphira 2008-04-21

Anyway, now, a proper review.

I adored this.
Hermione was rather well played out. You seem to have a knack for converting her into an emoish kind of person. gets rotten fruit thrown at her Just kidding, my god!! I just mean that she is very well written and well thought out, the kind of hermione that could have/would have been. that opposite mirror, that reflection of what should have been. I think it's good. you are a little sub-par on this one, but for someone on a writer's block, this is excellent.

Author's response

Thanks! I'm glad you aren't pissed about the wrong fandom - I seriously didn't notice that until I reread your review when I was trying to tell you that I'd posted it.

Does this site have story alert - or author alert?

Anyway, I'll definitely write you another if you demand recompense. And this time I'll wait until the writer's block (damn you! shakes fist) blows over.