Review for Tilt the Glint and Wish, Doll

Tilt the Glint and Wish, Doll

(#) Clell65619 2008-04-22

Most interesting start of a story... If it were to continue, your response above indicates a transferrance, this beaten damaged Claw!Hermione translating to another reality? What might make for a more interesting story would be a Harry Potter to appear in her home, a fugitive from a reality where Voldemort won, and his magic bringing him to an analog of his lost love...

Author's response

That IS a good idea! But I don't know how that would change anything - what would the plot be? Hm. I'll think on it. What I was originally thinking of was Claw!Hermione being magicked into war!Hermione's body - maybe becoming the dominant personality because the original is trapped...or transferred the moment an AK hit her, and no one notices. Recieve memories, maybe. But that might make it too easy... As for the Harry/Mione: it's possible, but I don't do love well. Actually, I don't think I've ever written a fic where the couple is happily-ever-after together. My closest was probably Truth is an Empty Word, Luv, and it is nothing but self-deceit, lack of hope, and delusion. In any case, possible is my final answer.

Sorry. Was brainstorming. Anyway, I may use your idea. I'm not decided yet, and if I do write it, it will definitely be after my finals. explodes