Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) brad 2008-04-24

I refuse to feel sympathy for Pansy, but think Draco's "doing his duty" just shows what a sincere low-life he is also. The idea of her 'incoherent speech' being rendered so by multiple magical oaths is clever.

Enjoyed the cold light of reality played on the 'eternal glory' thing :-)

Love the idea of Hufflepuff house voting for Cedric as their sole representative, a great 'typical Hufflepuff response'. I'm surprised Hufflepuff lobbyists didn't try to persuade students outside their house that one candidate for the whole school was an admirable goal.

Harry's magical vow which 'silenced the crowd' was another great idea. Where are magical vows mentioned or defined in canon? They aren't just a fanon invention, are they? The quick and simple "this statement is true" variety rather than the complicated one that Snape gave Narcissa at the beginning of HBP. Something else that canon!Harry should have done, but didn't, because Rowling wanted a more contrived Ron/Harry split, if they're in canon.

Author's response

I don't think basic oaths are covered, but they are a logical extension of what we see