Review for Motorcycle


(#) Cateagle 2008-04-27

Heh, I loved the opening with Harry & Hermione; I reckon they're going to get a lot more comfortable with mutual intimacy before this summer is over. Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how Remus reacts and where his first loyalty is when things come to a head between Harry and the Order, or what's left of it. I loved the Granger's reaction and I don't think the Order is going to appreciate being treated with so much suspicion. I do have to agree that moving with the Warlocks to hunt the horcruxes will be rather more interesting than camping out. This chapter showed us some of the reactions to Harry & Hermione taking off for the summer, I expect next chapter should show the reaction of various Weasleys - my predictions:
Molly will be horrified at Harry going out and doing something for himself, possibly something dangerous, rather than sitting around like a good little child or weapon, Ginny will be very upset that Harry didn't ask her, Ron will be pissed that Hermione is with Harry instead of with him (Ron), Percy, if he finds out, will try and use the information for his advantage, and, like, Gred, Forge, Bill, and Charlie will cheer Harry on for getting away from everything and doing what he wants.