Review for The Rise/Fall Of Gerard Way

The Rise/Fall Of Gerard Way

(#) asherschick 2008-04-29

You Know You're Right I smiled and started humming the song to myself when I saw the title and the summary!!! And I'm also suspicious that You Know You're Right might be the answer to the contest because I found a "no thought was put into it" in the last paragraph which is from the same song =D

Nevermind on repeat, wow that must be inspiring!

And I have some doubts about the "He had been so young and naïve back then." I'm sure there's something else but the only thing I could come up with was Lifehouse-Blind, the very first lines of the song.

Woww, this is fun... But I've gotta go study before I drive myself crazy. Just know that this was a rather nice chapter with Frank realizing that maybe Gerard lost his temper because he loves him... I wonder what's gonna happen after that accidental kiss!

I think I'm gonna go listen to Nirvana, now xD

Author's response

yeah You Know You're Right for the title/summary song.

But, saying "no thought was put into it" was totally by accident! I didn't even notice til you pointed it out. Wow. I wasn't even listening to the self-titled album. I guess I'm obsessed with You Know You're Right more than I had imagined.

Blind? I've honestly never heard that song...maybe I'll go check it out...but that obviously wasn't it, since I don't know that song.

Good guesses! If nobody else guesses the song, or something pretty damn close to the song, I'll declare you winner.

Have fun listening to Nirvana. They were honestly a great band.