Review for The Rise/Fall Of Gerard Way

The Rise/Fall Of Gerard Way

(#) ThreeCheersForMCR_x 2008-04-29

Wow,awesome chapter!
And they kissed which is a cherry on the cake. :]

Although,i feel sorry for Bert...actually,I always feel sorry for Bert in stories for some reason xD
I have a soft spot for him. :)

But it was great as usual.


Author's response

Danke! I feel bad for Bertie too. He is just too sweet in this story! Although I wrote him that way but...

I was rereading this and I thought it was pretty funny how Bert went "I can't do drugs, I can't ruined my life!" Because not doing drugs or smoking probably would save his life. He's being a little ignorant there, but still, I felt angry at myself for making him all depressed.

Admit it, Gerard can be a major asshole in this story.