Review for As Of Yet, Untitled.

As Of Yet, Untitled.

(#) linerlover 2008-05-01

i love the way they can always come up with an answer instantaneously. i reckon babies would be good, but they never get married. my friends parents arent married, but have been together for almost 30 years, and theyre happier than ever.
so yeah. kids, but no marriage in my view.
i love this story immensely, so as per, more soon?

Author's response

Yeah. But snappy comebacks are more effective on paper, they're almost impossible to pull of in real life sometimes. It's a shame, the world would be a better place if everyone was witty and delightful.

In my mind, you gotta get married to have sex. And that's not for religious reasons, but because I would want the guarantee that theperson I'm giving my V card to is going to matter, not just a random Tom, Dick or Harry I get drunk with.

But that's just for me.

And this is fiction, so, basically anything can happen.