Review for Nosey Neighbors

Nosey Neighbors

(#) RyanRossLuver 2008-05-06

OMFG girl, that was perfect and amazing and sweet and exactly what would happen to me. You got me down to scratch, and loved the Joncer. And I'm with you for wanting to smack Brendon yourself...whoever knew he could be so annoying?

xox Emmi

Author's response

I'm so glad you liked it =) I wanted this to be as good as I could get it so I took the time on the details, and do you have any idea how many paragraphs, let alone entire scenes I deleted cos they killed the flow? lol I was a frickin' perfectionist on this thing and it's good to know my efforts weren't for not =D.

I wanted to smack him around the third time lol but I think he got enough punishment from Spencer and Jon lol. I never noticed how cute Joncer was until I looked at pics of it for ideas on how to make them act with each other lol.