Review for Elementary Calculations

Elementary Calculations

(#) mackon 2008-05-07

Nice stuff really enjoyable!

One thing is that 'the will to power' stuff has been done a lot were all the wand gestures and incantations aren't really needed and super Harry is the only one to work out that all you need to do is think hard!

Now its not a bad thing, and really the only explanation for a lot of things from accidental to transfiguration but it really doesn't cover all the wizarding powers we see in the book so if you could, could you remember to include real magic like magic where the ibbity bobbity boop while is actually needed to make things work in your universes system?

That said its a great story so far and I'm looking forward to more.

Thanks for Sharing.

Author's response

As far as I'm concerned all of them are capable of doing it wandlessly. Some can just do more than others and are only limited by the amount of magic that they have availible. The wands are just to aid in accessing their power, magnifying and focusing it. It is very unlikely that the first wizards that manifested magic spontaineously started using wands at the same time. That had to have been something that evolved. As far as I'm concerned wands and spells are a shortcut that take the place of the focusing part of the 'power, focus, intent' thing that I have going. The spells also take care of the way that the magic is shaped to do a task.