Review for A Twisted Timeline

A Twisted Timeline

(#) Cateagle 2008-05-08

Well, it looks like he thoroughly removed Tom. I suspect he's going to have a devil of a time, should he so desire, clearing his name. Too, I'm not totally certain why he chose to reveal Barone's identity but I assume that was for "don't mess with me" reasons - that could well come back to haunt him, though. He may be personally gone from the wizarding world, but Barone has enough fingers in it to keep him busy.

Ata a guess, the sequel is going to be him, likely with Hermione, trying to live his own life? Too, I can see that the older and younger versions of him are going to have to reach common ground and combine - that should make for some challenging writing and great reading.

Thanks for a most interesting chapter.