Review for This Was No Accident.

This Was No Accident.

(#) XxMyChemicalPanicsxX 2008-05-09

Now its my turn to review.

I mentally scolded myself for a very long time for not reading this chapter before. Having it bookmarked isnt enough seeing as i have about 100 things bookmarked. Can you believe i found this story a day after you published it?
5/10- 3/24= alotofflippintime

The part
"Suddenly, Brendon jumped from the railing and in front of Ryan, as Ryan sighed in relief"
had me holding breth and my heart beat in that kinda way that hurts like youre gonna double over. I thought he was gonna jump!!

"/And he hopped upon the railing again and jumped, as desperate screams were followed behind him along with a sorrow filled,

"I love you, too."/"

That left me with my mouth WIDE open. I totally wasnt expecting that.

luv how Ryan said i love you too though. that made me feel better. X)

Even though I almost keeled over while reading this story, I think i'll be spending more time in your stories written section.

Author's response

My, why thank you!

I'm glad somebody commented that part. I was hoping for some sort of reaction towards his jump from the balcony railing and in front of Ryan, and then off the balcony railing again.

I adore suspense, as well as writing it. :]

Thank you for taking the time to review. I always get so giddy once I receive reviews. :]
As long as you review, then all is fine. :]

I'm glad you enjoyed reading this.
(Even if it did make you wanna keel over.)