Review for This is not a story.

This is not a story.

(#) violent_kisses 2008-05-11

I completely agree with you. Music saved my life. Whenever I felt down and depressed, I'd pop in my favourite bands CD and just saved me, not made me want to end it all. Music is like a form of expression...and it really is sad to see people blaming someones creativity for something so sad. I'm not going to go ahead and blame this girl either, because she was obviously going through something serious.
As much as the media pumps this, My Chemical Romance was not some glam death killing club that made people - their fans - want to kill themselves...they're just five guys making music together and doing something they love. It's sad they're being portrayed so negatively, when as stated by many, they saved lives.

all i can say is, MCR keep rocking hard and saving lives.