Review for Midnight Watch

Midnight Watch

(#) Vanir 2008-05-15

I really like this story. Knowing nothing of Forever Knight, i feel a bit out of the loop sometimes, but the story flows anyway. On the contract side, allow me to point out that there's plenty of "known" girls who aren't actually in the books? Daphne Greengrass was mentioned in an interview, as was Tracey Davis. As there's no canon to take into account, why not make one of them a Light Family, whose daughter unexpectedly turn Slytherin?
Heh, why not have a serious affair, and then he boinks Ginny on the side? Just a love'em and leave'em kind of thing? Considering CanonGinny's depth of character, it'd work.
Ah well, whatever you choose to invent, I'll be here to read it.


Author's response

I am not committed to an ultimate pairing. The betrothal contract is for political reasons, nothing more. I tried my best to ensure that you didn't have to be a FK fan to be able to follow the story, and vice versa.