Review for When Vernon Didn't Miss

When Vernon Didn't Miss

(#) xhale 2008-05-17

See, now I'm starting to worry. It appears we're at the end of the story. Hermione's about to (hopefully) cured, the horcrux situations are being sorted out, Voldie's become one with the Farce, and everything is basically coming to a resolution.

So why does it feel like we've really just come to the BEGINNING of the story? Ostensibly we're going to be left with H/HR as immortals (and Luna in this chapter almost seemed like a part of that), they have an amazing support system of the oldest and most educated minds on the planet.... and what? They're just going to pop out a couple sprogs and rest in peace for the rest of their immortal lives?

That's where the problem comes in - I'm already so interesting in where you COULD take this iteration of the characters that what has already happened in this story feels like merely a prologue.

We're approaching the death of this story, and I damn well want an account of their next great adventure!