Review for The Changing of the Guard

The Changing of the Guard

(#) LycorisCalantha 2008-05-19

I liked it, and it helped me... understand Takeru more. Like how he never (usually) told anyone what to do, and I like that he has more personality here. I think it's... him.
On typos, I don't think I noticed any, which is great. I also like how Taichi seems more mature, but can still joke around...
The part I like reading about this is since the two don't interact all that much in the anime, it's refreshing reading this while keeping them in character.

Author's response

Thank you. When I got the prompt (write a gen fic involving Takeru and Taichi), I immediately wanted to explore how Takeru felt about Daisuke becoming Taichi's successor, despite the fact Takeru was the most experienced of the new Chosen.