Review for A New Chance Continued

A New Chance Continued

(#) Nautilus 2008-05-21

i also haven't read the original, and this has potential.

harry will still be exploring his options i think, this is not something he has had a chance to plan, and as such i look forward to see harry take a more mature outlook on everything so he can try and work everything out. though i still am hopeful for some surprises.

i look forward to see him sit down and plan everything out, and then tick stuff off as it happens over the years...

please do try and keep it relatively logical and realistic, and not have harry able to beat all the challenges this year.

congrats otherwise, i sure this will be a great read... congrats... just don't try and rush it..

oh btw... please keep the spacing with the paragraphs... i makes it sooo much easier to read.