Review for Elementary Calculations

Elementary Calculations

(#) Cateagle 2008-05-24

I am glad that Harry declined to get involved 'tween Draco and Ron, it should improve his standing in a lot of folks' eyes. It's too bad about Hermione, but I can see her easily becoming at least a good acquaintance with Harry, if not a friend, simply because there are few in Gryffindor that care as much as she does for grades; this might lead to a resorting down the line. I do agree with Lycus that her faith and trust in authority figures might well get broken when she hears his story, esp. since she would know of St. Xavier's and realize just what a full scholarship there represented in terms of ability, challenge, and down-the-line rewards and opportunities.

I loved Dumbles disappointment when Harry went into Ravenclaw; methinks he's going to find that he's made Harry a very difficult one to lead or control. OTOH, given what abilities Harry's already managed to develop, I suspect he's going to find a number of "interesting" events still swirling around Harry (imagine what he could do with that wandless magic in dealing with attempts to sabotage his potions). I do wonder if he's managed to develop the equivalent of Occlumency, which would really give Snape and Dumbles pause.

I like the idea of Harry going ahead nad getting his things and blending into Ravenclaw, it's nice role-camoflage that'll help him later. Dumbles thinks he's got him cowed or controlled and, if he lets him continue to think that, he's got a good shot at starting his sub rosa efforts against him without detection.