Review for Fantasy


(#) mikeedvd03 2008-05-28

this is one of the good stories that i have ever read!!and id it true that witches should kill vampires?i don't think so.
i guess frank's a wolverine.RAWR.ROFL.
and i thought the groop of chantelle likes eliza?it says in chap2 that they hate her.
gerard and eliza,revealing in a weird way. kinda unique way.anyways.
continue it!don't be hopeless!everybodys gunna like it the way they like 'competing for gerard way'!!!

Author's response

umm ok
like i said in my first chappie that i kinda got inspired by this book and in it witches always hunted down the vampires so thats where i got it from lol
and yea chantelle and caitlyn likes eliza its just michelle and amy that doesnt like her... i kinda did a mistkae lol whooops!
lol thanks :D