Review for A New Chance Continued

A New Chance Continued

(#) Cateagle 2008-05-28

Yess, lots of possibilities here and if Harry plays it right this time, he should be able to get on better terms with Severus and several other profesors. I do like the way this is shaping up and 'twill be interesting to see what wrinkles his return puts in the timeline farther along. If nothing else, his different sorting should make some good changes.

I did like the way he made friends, not close, but friends with Seamus. That could prove right handy on occassion in the future. If he's working Herbology work with Hannah, I could see that, as mentioned above, as an intro to get him and Neville together and he could start encouraging Neville's growth now rather than later in their seven years together. Certainly, they already share some bonds that should strengthen their friendship.