Review for You Stole My Breath

You Stole My Breath

(#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-05-30

An escape to Vegas.

So... You're probably hoping for a snazzy review thrown in with "OMG! THIS IS AMAZING!" or something along those cliche lines. (Which, I am guilty of. No lie)

But, I guess I'll just tell you what I think:


Ahahaha, just kidding.
Fooled you there for a second, didn't I?


Yeah, anywho...

I, by all means, did think this was "OMG! AMAZING!" just with better adjectives in which escape my mind at this particular moment.

Maybe I can think of whatever pops into my mind to describe this first chapter.

Extravagant. (Ooh, I like that one)
Funny. (I thought so.)

Aaaand that's pretty much it. :]
Er, well, pretty much all I could think of. There's wayyy more.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I truly and undeniably enjoyed your piece, just with a longer and more complicated review than I was hoping for. (Maybe you got a few laughs out of it, eh, I don't know.)

Oh, and maybe, just maybe, you could update? Soon?



Author's response

I absolutely ADORED your response. And actually you did have me fooled for a second. But then I laughed...and smiled. Well really I laughed and then I stopped, and then I continued reading and your list of adjectives made me smile. I'm glad I don't use run on sentences like that when I write (at least I hope I don't). I really hope it made sense.

Anyway, thank you VERY much for the great review. I have some great intentions for this story. The second chapter is actually partially written in the word document I currently open. So hopefully it will be up tonight or tomorrow, but only because you said please. haha.