Review for The Odd Pair

The Odd Pair

(#) IeroMyHero 2008-05-30

Haha, I loved this chapter. see, like I said, it's post-writer's block talent. In my opinion, this was the best chapter yet.

I agree with Quitlollygaggin, I wanna kill Frank but I can't cause he's Frank. Oh, I got an idea. I'll scadoodle into your story and magically turn attractive and steal Frank from Gerard! So then wiL can have Gerard! Isn't that perfect? Everyone will be happy!

I'm just kidding.

Keep writing.

< 33

Author's response

Whoa..thanks so much...really! :D
Ha, to bad you're just kidding about coming into the story 'cos I would happily allow you. :p
I'm sure you would love to steal Frank in any shape or form, even if he was an axe-murderer!
Which, maybe not so much.. ;)