Review for The Odd Pair

The Odd Pair

(#) XxlovefrankieroxX 2008-05-31

Ha, this chapter made me laugh! Strangely enough WiL is just so adorable when he's jealous, especially cos' frank techinically hasnt done anything XD I cant wait to see what happens at the ways house :]
Rayray xox

Author's response

Hey, thanks :)
Well, wiL being wiL, is generally adorable but is even more adorable when he is being a jealous freak. x]
Yeah, Frank is completly oblivious to wiL's jealousy, seeing as he's done nothing wrong.
But wiL is so in love with Gerard, not forgetting all his insecurities about himself, that he see's Frank as a threat. For the possibility of him and Gerard getting together and also a threat to wiL himself.
Which, of course, results in out of control jealousy. :)
God, sorry for the essay! xD
Next chapter should be fun to write :)
I may aswell get writing..