Review for Cold Machines

Cold Machines

(#) asherschick 2008-06-05

That was tragic! My eyes teared up and I don't even cry easily... I wonder what's gonna happen in the next part now that Gerard's gone :( This made me think that maybe we should really think so hard before fighting with someone or hurting someone. We don't know if we'll ever see them again and yet so many people hurt each other carelessly...

I agree with the hating hospitals and those machines. I especially hate that weird sorta "hospital smell".

Anyway, this was beautiful, with the lyrics fitting in so right. Were you inspired by the song? 'Cause it fits in so well, really, especially the first parts. I always love the way you write, blending in with the lyrisc and all that...

I'll look out for the next part if I'll be home for the weekend.

Author's response

Yep, that is so true. You never know when it'll be the last time you see the people you love most... its scary if you think about it.

Hospitals freak me out =/ I always hate going to visit people in hospitals, it makes me just feel... weird.

Yeah, i was definetely inspired by the song. Music really influences me, as you can tell ^^ Aww thanks, glad you like it!!

I'll try and get it up soon but i'll probably get the next chapter of the Savior of the Damned up first... more people are waiting for that one! xD

< 33333