Review for The Savior of the Damned

The Savior of the Damned

(#) MyFamousLastWords 2008-06-10

Hey,Oh My JeBus I Can Actally Review On This Story For The First Time,Im So Proud! Anyway...

I Love How You Put Sleep Onto The Story,It Fits Good!

I No Self-Harm Does Suck,It Scares Me How Some People Like Cut Them Self On Their Legs And Stomach=(

Anyway(This Is Quite Long) Yeah,The FlashBacks Were Pretty Long But I Read Them,You Just Have To,I Guess! Lol.


Fin Ox.

Author's response

You couldn't before? Was FicWad being evil to you? =/

Yay, Sleep is perfect in every way^^

Glad you read them! I think they're important.

Thanks xD
< 333