Review for Kiss My Eyes And Lay Me To Sleep

Kiss My Eyes And Lay Me To Sleep

(#) crystalcrash 2008-06-10

Wow. I love it!! I demand you spend the rest of your free time writing Frerard stories from now on. Screw that - i demand you drop out of college and dedicate yourself completely to writing frerards. It was so incredibly good!
The story is amazing! In the beginning i thought it was Gerard buying the sleeping pills since the poor guy is always the one getting drunk and drugging himself in stories hehe.

Now, since are a lot of things/sentences i loved in this story, i'm going to make a list! haha Yes, i'm bored even though i should be studying. (exams are coming up for me now). So. Here it is. For your personal enjoyment^^

-when frank talks about the ways he could kill himself and decides pills are best
-the fact he'll miss Green Day (i would too!)
-how he would put music on while taking the pills so it would be the last thing he hears (i would do that too, if i decided to take pills and commit suicide, which i wouldn't)
-the pimp asking if he wanted a girl, and frankie asking for a guy. Yesss! "he'd better be beautiful". Can't get any more beautiful than our two boys ;)
-Gerard saying he never kisses anyone. That reminded me of pretty woman hahaha Its so cute ^^

Its so dark and depressing, and the end is such a huge contrast with Frankie being his normal hyper self... i just loved it. So now i'll favorite this. And rate it original. Because it is.

I'll end this huge-ass review... lately everything i do is huge-ass. Lol.

PS. FANTASTIC job. Ok i'm done now ;)

< 3333333

Author's response

Wooow, thankieeessss =) You know what, if I could write like this all the time, I would consider being a writer. It was like nothing I've ever experienced, I felt the need to write. I had to write. The scenario just wouldn't leave my mind and I started writing this because I couldn't study - the thoughts just wouldn't leave me alone. It was kinda strange...

The thing about Green Day is actually true for me, too. I think if I ever have suicidal thoughts, the urge to wait for a new album or a concert or a book or a film could make me hold on. But I'd never consider hurting myself in the first place, I usually get angry at other people instead of me ;P

Gerard not kissing anyone is very important. It's... intimate. You see that when at first he lies to Frank about the reason he doesn't kiss customers. And yeah, I see how that might remind you of Pretty Woman. That was a really nice movie...

Thanks again. I'm soo glad you like this!

P.S. I added you ;)

< 33333333