Review for Welcome to my Life

Welcome to my Life

(#) ficfriction 2008-06-10

COMMENT VIRGINITY YOINK! lol Hey sweetie, miss me? lol Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while but Shaun was in town and we don't know how long it'll be until we can see each other again, but I must say, stealing you and getting Gabe? Two cuties for the price of one? I can handle that =D.

But onto the story, I LOVE what all I've missed, in total honesty... I heart your work, and I missed it =D I couldn't keep my mind off of your story, wondering how far along it was coming while I was spending my week with Shaun, and I am VERY happy with what I came back to =D.

So, either she does have food poisening, she needs to go to an actual hospital to get checked for something else, or mayhaps a little Wentz/Saporta one could be forming in her "frail, little body" as you so lovely put it some chapters back =).

Can't wait for the next chapter now that I'm back!!