Review for Never Shall We Die

Never Shall We Die

(#) sirrah-chan 2008-06-14

I could have given you all the plus ratings. This was incredible.

I love it when one does his/her research. When you mentioned William Turner, the captain of Lusitano, I just had to check it and find out if that was true or not. I don't know how you stumbld across that information, but i'm glad you shared it in a form of a great story.

I think you also got the character(s) right and loved the way Elizabeth's story had become a legend... made me think about all the other legends and stories, people think only as that.

Also the flow of time was incredibly well described. And the way you left things such Jack's future open was great too. It gives room for the reader to put his/her own story fit to yours.

And the ending... I envy you, truly. I think in writing, endings are the hardest part. One must sum the whole story to couple of phrases. But you nailed that one too.

Author's response

Thank you very much for your review. I almost lost hope for anyone ever even finding the story here. I'm glad you enjoyed this little piece. As for how I stumbled across the real William Turner... well, I'm very interested in history, the 20th century being one of my favourites and professionally I work in the area of international law, specialising in the law of seas. All I have to tell you is that Britain messed up the case so much it's hard not to hear about it. I simply assumed that "our" Will Turner was named in memory of the real person. Though admittedly probably most of the Pirates fans never tried to dig in that :) . Thanks for all the kind words. It's great to know people like the story and review some time after you posted something always comes as a nice surprise.