Review for Kiss My Eyes And Lay Me To Sleep

Kiss My Eyes And Lay Me To Sleep

(#) xleftxbehindx 2008-06-17

That was probably the most amazing story that i have ever read. I was literally weeping when I was reading. It was so touching. I could feel everything that they felt, they're pain and sadness, and the love.

That was so original too. I've never read anything like it. You have to right more. i am adding you to my favorite authors and i'm going to check everyday to see if you have anything new. you are amazing!

Author's response

Wow, thank you! I'm glad this touched you because it touched me, too, while I was writing it so now I'm a bit proud that I could project the emotions to you like that.

And thanks for adding me to your favorite authors =) I'll certainly try to come up with something new...