Review for The Visitor

The Visitor

(#) InuKag 2006-08-08

Focus on more than just... the facts that EVERY inuyasha fan already could be viewed as a tad boring ... Maybe it just wasn't to my liking. Sorry it was just too OOC and redundanly repeating to me. I like the name that you used for the mother though, kazumi makes me think of kazuma... which makes me think of S Cry ed which makes me happy ^_^

Author's response

This story was originally written in 2003 - back during a time when the anime was still new in the U.S. and the manga release was nowhere near as far as it is now. It's not meant to break any new ground, but to explain a time lapse in the series and a possible motivation for Kagome's mother to understand what is going on in the past with her daughter. For that particular time period, it was a story that hadn't been done before. But thank you for the review!