Review for Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

(#) Cateagle 2008-06-19

Ohh, now this is a most promising start that really grabs your attention. This Harry is actually thinking things through and methinks that Dumbles, the Ministry, and much of the British wizarding world is not going to appreciate his conclusions and plans thus far - I rather suspect he's got more plans in draft stages. Too, while he's waiting for Sirius' reply, I hope he continue pondering "odd conincidences" and realize some of what bargavl has already pointed out regarding orientation and Platform 9-3/4.

If he, Sirius, and Remus actually make it out of the country (and I'd suggest the Australia/New Zealand alternative simply to make retrieving him as difficult as possible for anyone in Brittain. He might leave a time-delayed "good bye" message for Hermione and, possibly, Ron (though if he's come to suspect Molly of being involved, he might not) but that's all I can see him doing. -Wicked smile- Well, not everything, a timed-release news bulletin through the offices of Gringotts would be a nice salute to Fudge, Dumbles, et al.