Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) sweetgirl 2008-06-20

Loved the meeting between Hermione's parents and Justin. Personally I think the Grangers might be more comfortable with Hermione with a muggle-born because at least there is the possibilty of her not totally cutting off her parents world. to be honest, i think she would have more in common with a muggle-born than a pureblood like Ron. Loved the line about if Justin is anything like Ron then Mr. Granger would force her to marry Harry. I thought it was funny. The part about Daphne being abused by that fat, nasty count and then beaten for trying to run away was depressing and yucky and ruined the light hearted mood of the first part of the chapter but it will not turn me away from the story. Please let's not have a repeat peformance of that. Can't wait for Harry to kick serious butt, and put a whole lot of people in their place. Also are you going to tell us how Remus betrayed Harry? Keep up the great work.