Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) Terdwilicker 2008-06-21

Hmm. I'm not happy with the rape scenes. I realize the wizards are barbaric callous animals in canon, and you're following through with JKR's assertions about their disgusting backwards behavior. Still, I question why it was necessary for Daphne to suffer this. If this were a more serious romantic tragedy, Daphne would suicide in shame and Harry would go dark, slaughtering the wizengamot and end up cursed by his people as a "dark wizard", canonically ignoring WHY he did. I suspect you won't play that as dark as I suggested. I'm glad you have lighter stories like Distaff Side to stay cheerful to.

Author's response

- Actually I with I'd thought of that. Of course for it to work, Hermione would have to had died, but cause she would never allow Harry to go dark... (at least not without unleashing a level 9 power nag.)