Review for Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts

(#) Maverick512000 2008-06-21

Ignore the nay sayers. I think mostly it was the shock of things going from happy, fun time to a darker theme. Really though if one had reviewed the events leading up to this it was the only realistic thing that could happen. Not to inflate your ego but you are to good a writer to add in the force pictures and clause 9 that came with Daphne's marriage contract as simply a way for Harry to be noble and to not have to resolved the underlining issue involded. Anyone that thought her father would be slightly angry at first and then warm up to Harry and all would be good are fooling themselves and they don't want a story with real depth. While I don't like what happened to Daphe again it was the only thing realistically that could happen. Now the only thing that would put me off the story is if Harry takes it laying down, which all signs point to no on that, and doesn't win the girl. Realistically, there's that word again, I don't see how he could lose, he still has the marriage contract, he is the head of two old and powerful houses, he has Longbottom house as his ally, he is the hero of the wizarding world and his opponents are some count from romania and a man who's house isn't even of noble status yet. All in all great chapter and great story and please hurry with the next part.