Review for The Trial

The Trial

(#) Eewec 2008-06-26

Almost last sentence:

[Quote]Harry Potter, you are charged with casting the Cruciatus Curse on Lucius Malfoy, a crime that carries with it a sentence of a lifetime imprisonment in Azkaban Prison. How do you plea?"

Don't you mean Bellatrix there not Lucius. He's just been found not guilty of the one at Lucius. Also,. just before that, you're missing the 'd' off accused I think.

Author's response

Good job on catching the "d" in "accused" typo, I copied and pasted it four more times, and had to replace them all. Thanks!

As for the Bellatrix Lestrang/Lucius Malfoy issue, let's just say that yes, Amelia Bones meant to say "Belatrix Lestrange" and leave it at that.