Review for When Our Soul Is Gone, What Will We Miss?

When Our Soul Is Gone, What Will We Miss?

(#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-06-26

My Gawd.

Are you serious?
No, you can't be. It's not possible.
This isn't real. Of course it isn't.

It's too incredible to be real.
But, alas! It is!

By the first sentence, you captured me. You made my breath hitch and my fingers tremble.

Despite the fact that this covers A LOT of who I am, your writing is indescribable.

This was so emotive; capturing the very essence of 'Sarahs' emotions. You gave a real feel to how she was feeling and it seemed far too realistic. It was amazing.

It was as though, this could actually be a letter to Patrick, written by a distressed girl with no self-esteem.

I am favoriting and rating as well.

I'll be reading more from you. :]